How to reach Lonavala from Mumbai- By Bus, Train & Flight.

How to reach Lonavala from Mumbai there are many ways because Mumbai and Pune will be the Significant cities around Lonavala. It’s well-connected by rail to Mumbai and Pune, with local trains running every two hours. An Individual can take a cab or a bus to reach Lonavala from Mumbai and Pune. An individual can also directly have a bus or a cab from Mumbai, Thane, Pune, or other neighboring cities as even the street drive is scenic and well maintained.

And it does not matter from which place of this world you are coming from, using a comfortable flight to Mumbai, and also a few hours drive, you can reach there before you realize.

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By Airline

If you are thinking about how to reach Lonavala from Delhi then you can have a flight, then the closest airport with better and connectivity flight rates will be Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport at Mumbai. And the distance from Mumbai to Lonavala is less than 100 kilometers only.

By Mumbai, there are regular buses — both regular and luxury. Aside from that, it’s also possible to book a cab right in the airport and travel easily. Considering that the distance is less than 100km, a cab will not cost much either and will probably be rapid and convenient. So, Airline is probably the best answer for how to reach Lonavala from Mumbai.

From Road

If you are flying into Mumbai or Pune and then traveling from Pune Airport or Mumbai Airport to Lonavala, then you’ll need to cover the rest of the travel by road. The perfect way to travel is by selecting a cab from the airport or even hiring a car and driving from Mumbai to Lonavala. It is also great to cover mumbai to lonavala distance by road. Doing this is going to be an excellent experience also as the driveway is quite scenic. You can also cover the Pune to Lonavala distance by your own car. Mumbai Pune Expressway or older Mumbai Pune street NH4 are utilized to connect the two destinations. 

If you’re coming from Pune, the distance between Pune and Lonavala destination is going to be approximately 80km. 

How to reach Lonavala from Mumbai by bus is no more query because aside from driving, you will find regular buses out of both the towns (Pune and Mumbai) that require less than two hours.

By Train

If you’re willing to travel Mumbai to Lonavala by train or Pune to Lonavala by train, then you’ll be delighted to know that we’ve got Lonavala railroad station also with good intercity connectivity in Mumbai and Pune. And normal passenger trains from Mumbai and Pune make it quite simple to travel on the train also. It’s moreover the very pocket-friendly approach to journey between the destinations, and also less time consuming also, provided there are not any delays.

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Places To Stay In Lonavala

If you are thinking where to stay in Lonavala, look no further than the super-cosy Treasure Yadnya’s Holidays rental home. Push away in the main-town of this location provides breathtaking views of mountain tops and shining waters — something you’d like to live your vacation for.

Otherwise, there are 100 more areas to Select from, and this contains budget hotels in Addition to luxury hotels

What’s the Best Time to Enjoy Lonavala

There are a large number of places to visit in Lonavala. Although you are able to go when you prefer, the ideal time is considered sometime between October and May. The only season traveller advised us not to go to this place is through monsoon. Between June and September, this whole area in Maharashtra gets heavy rain. But again, some could love this year more who like the greenery and travelling throughout the slack season. .

Other Tourist Places Nearby

It’s one of these areas which have many tourist destinations across. By way of instance, besides Lonavala Lake, there are various lakes around. Including Tugauli Lake, Bhushi Lakes, also Valvan Dam. So yes, even if you’re travelling on your car or bike, then you are able to push around and explore more than just the most important city.

The favorite hill station of Khandala is similarly only 5km away.

If you’re into meditation and yoga, you may go to Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital situated only 2km towards Karla. If you’re seeing Bhaja caves you may go to Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital on the road. You’ll come across several European vacationers studying Yoga there. Additionally, the 2-nd century rock-cut Carla caves are well worth seeing too.

This is worth information about how to reach Lonavala. So the people who wish to visit this mesmerizing place could easily get details about it.

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