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Happiness is the oxygen of the soul

In this fast-paced world where everyone is busy in their own race, happiness is something everyone craves for. Whether it the adults or the teenagers, everyone is busy with lives in one or the other way and don’t spend enough time together. This ultimately leads to tension and stress. 

People desperately try to find what makes them happy in different things and try different ideas so that they can be happy.

But in this chase, they forget the simplest thing that can make them immensely happy and satisfied, which is some time with their family in a peaceful environment. Natural habitat triggers and makes people feel happier.

If you are also stressed and want some time away from everything, a beautiful villa in the arms of nature is the perfect option for you to spend some time with your family and get the much-needed break. 

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Importance of family time 

❝You have a lifetime to work, but children are young once.❞ – Polish Proverb

What are the use of success and all the money if you don’t spend it on and with your loved ones? We get so busy with our life that we take our closest family members for granted and forget to celebrate small moments with each other.

You may think that the thing which your family wants most from you is money, but no your family needs your time.

While it is true that family is forever, but it is important to spend time with your family. A healthy relationship with your family helps in challenges faced in life, gives the feeling of security, builds confidence, keeps your stress level in check.

Though money is important for a better and comfortable life, so is time because time keeps on running. You can waste all your time on something mundane like money, then when you will look back you will not have enough memories to cherish. 

Following are a few benefits of having a healthy family:

  • Makes it easier for your family to solve problems, resolve conflict, respect each other’s opinions and accept their differences. 
  • Helps children feel loved and cherished.
  • Improves mental health and self-esteem.
  • Helps children feel secure and loved, gives them the confidence in choosing their own life choices, and makes it easier for them to learn new things. 
  • Gives children a good role model in building their own future relationships.
  • Teaches children vital social skills which are important for a better character buildup.
  • Improves communication and trust which makes children, especially in their teen years, talk and share their problems easily.

Spending time with family makes every member loyal and stick up with each other in the time of problems. Because family is all about being a united front during rough times and enjoying fun times together.

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How does a vacation help? 

We are in a generation where people are connected with each other online through social media rather than physically. Most children and adults spend most of their time indoors on their phones and have minimal interaction with other people.

Scientists have found that being in nature has a large impact on our brain and our behavior which in turn helps in reducing stress and anxiety. This leads to a decrease in brooding and an increase in creativity, attention capacity, and our ability to connect to other people.

Being in nature will give you and your family time to spend together. You can see wildlife or go hiking and these experiences will make it easy to talk to each other. This will also give you all the reason to get out of your phones and come close as a family.

Benefits of nature:

For teenagers: As children in their teens don’t go out, spend most of their time indoors and don’t do exercise so vacation in nature will keep them active. Nature vacations involve fun yet physically demanding activities. 

Activities like hiking or swimming are like exercise and can become a healthy competition among you all and lead to achievement.

Being active obviously keeps a person healthy but it also makes them feel happy and fulfilled. Researchers have found that being outside in nature actually lowers the level of the stress associated chemical cortisol.

For adults: We all know natural scenery reduces stress but with that, it also boosts our mental functioning which improves memory and increases focus. It is also said that blue and green colors are the easiest colors, which are common in nature, for our brain and relaxes our mind.

Other than mental health nature also impacts other health measures like blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, blood sugar level and reduces the chances of diseases.

For the elderly: It has been found that nature can be a powerful tool for older adults which helps them live longer, feel better, improves their immune system, better memory, and reduce chances of chronic disease and pain. 

Connection to nature for the elderly is vital. It reduces the chance of depression, makes them sleep easily at night.

 ❝Time spent amongst trees is never wasted. ❞ -Katrina Mayer

Nature’s impact is always positive on our body and the best place to find solace is the place surrounded by trees. Nature soothes and heals and the vacation in nature will prove to be more beneficial than your expectations.

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Wanting to be happy is something everyone wants and true happiness is time present with family in nature. it is never too late to spend time with your family. 

We get so immersed in our work life that we start neglecting our family and sometimes even take our anger out on them. 

You can’t be 24/7 with your family but a vacation in the natural environment that benefits your health as well as helps you create a loving relationship with your family is a beneficial deal.

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