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Nature Nurture : The healing power of nature

🙶 Our very being, essence, health, and happiness depend on mother nature.🙷 – David Suzuki

Just like a mother, nature nurture us. The word nature itself comes from a word that means mother. Mother nature has the power to comfort, to please, to calm, to heal, and to nurture one’s soul. In almost all mythologies (Greek, European, Roman, etc.) nature is given the designation of a mother.

Spending some time in nature has been proven magical and even studies support this fact. It is the cheapest and best therapy a person can get. Being surrounded by trees and the sound of rivers can soothe the mind, body, and soul. Is this what you wish for you and your family? 

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Why is nature good for you?

Other than the basic necessities like food, water, a place of shelter, and the air we breathe; nature provides much more things to us and that too free of cost. A small time in nature and will do wonders for your mental and emotional health.


There are unlimited benefits one can unlock by spending time in nature. A few reasons why nature is the best healer:

Being in nature decrease stress: With the kind of life we are living, it is common to have stress whether it is because of any work or studies-related deadline or because of being trapped in your house due to covid. We all know how stress is harmful to our bodies and the best way to fight it, is to spend time in nature.

Researchers have proven that the sound of ruffling of trees or the flow of rivers is effective to calm our minds and decreases stress to a great level. 

➺ Improves memory: We all try different things to improve our memory power. There is an easy and effective way to improve your memory by taking a walk in nature. 

Different researchers like U-M psychologists have found that memory performance and attention span improve by 20 percent after spending an hour interacting with nature.

➺ Nature heals: Nature heals not only metaphorically but also literally. It promotes cancer-fighting cells. It has been seen that people who are closer to nature and take long walks there have up to 50 percent more high cancer-fighting cells in their bodies and that it lasts months after that walks. 

Spending time outside is good for the heart also. Research shows that people with hypertension and high blood pressure can get it under control just by spending 30 minutes or more in nature.

Surgeries are scary and painful but studies show that the patients who spend time in nature require fewer painkillers during their recovery period than others.

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➺ Nature promotes happiness: People who are connected with the natural environment feel happier than those who aren’t. Nature reduces stress hormones, anger, and fear which ultimately leads to the feeling of calm and tranquility.

Research done by Liisa of the Finnish Research Institute found that people started to feel psychologically restored after 15 minutes of sitting outside surrounded by the natural environment. Though this restoration process only increased after taking a walk in the forest.

➺ Strengthens immune system: Nature is magical. Breathing in the fresh air which can be found outside these big cities improves immunity. Fresh air contains a chemical called phytoncides, which is produced by plants and is good for our immune system. 

Sunlight also energizes some special cells in our immune system called T cells that are helpful in fighting infections.

Studies show that time spent outdoors increases white blood cells, which fight virus and this effect lasts for a week after that.

➺ Increases energy level: Nowadays, people feel sluggish easily after doing some small tasks, leading to lower productivity.

Nature is the fuel for the soul” – Richard Ryan. 

Studies have found that being outside in nature for a small frame of time makes people feel more alive and heightens the sense of well-being. It has also been found that the very presence of nature is enough to decrease the feeling of exhaustion to a great extent.

A little time spent in nature recharges your body and gives you a sense of happiness and motivates you to do more work effectively.

➺ Slows aging and keeps you youthful: With the help of nature, one can improve the immunity system, reduce stress and anxiety, increases energy level, and becomes happier all this leads to better health and a peaceful mind. All these factors slow aging.

Studies have shown that people who spend more time in natural environments are at lower risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. 

A study from Harvard University shows that spending more time outside and enjoying nature can also help living longer and more fulfilling lives. The expected increase in years is nearly 12 or more

➺ Improves sleep: Nowadays insomnia is getting more and more common among people. People try medicines and different tricks so that they can sleep peacefully. A harmless remedy to this problem lies in nature.

It has been noticed that camping and exposure to natural light help the body in getting more relaxed and results in peaceful sleep.

Also, the sound of the ruffling of trees and the flow of water in the river keeps the mind calm. And a calm mind sleeps better than anything else.

Nature also helps in weight loss, keeps the mind and body healthy, helps children with ADHD, improves concentration, provides vitamin D, and gives a positive outlook on life.

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If we can take some time for nature, it would keep us healthy as well as save money from the savings from preventing possible ailments.

There are ample benefits of being connected to nature but it is not possible to uproot your life and live in the natural environment. The best alternative is spending some time in nature by taking a small vacation.

Luckily, we at Yadnya, provide lovely rental and affordable bungalows and villas where you can spend some time with your family surrounded by nature and let your body rejuvenate. 

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